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Beach Hacks to Make the Summer a Blast

Genius ideas for beach trips, you will wonder how you went this long not using these ideas. Check out what you have been missing out on below for easier beach trips.

America’s Funniest Pet Haircuts

Some people love their dogs, we get it, but Wow! Check out these dogs that are outlandishly dyed and groomed to look like something other than dogs. From fictional...

The Clothespin Challenge

Check out these crazy people. Men, women and even children are playing this game to try and set world records for putting clothespins on their face. You won't believe...

The Worst Crashes In NASCAR History

Auto racing is a dangerous sport, That's part of the excitement, but that means some truly terrifying, even deadly, crashes. Here are some of the worst in NASCAR...

The Coolest Sports Cars for Couples

Riding around in a sports car is a great experience for couples. Wondering which one to rent or buy? These are the best.